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! CANCELED ! What is reading? What is performing?: Phase 1

It is with great regret that we have to conclude that with the rising infection rate and the more restricted covid-19 measures the continuation of ARTICULATE (part 1) at the Academy and ARTICULATE (part 2) at the Conservatoire cannot take place.



by Stefania Assandri and Renata Lamenza Epifanio

TACTICS for a COLLECTIVE BODY experiments with the nuances of combining the words collective (>1) to body (=1) to reinforce its flexibility. In the search for collectiveness, this project invests in new possibilities of thinking the relationship between the performer and the audience. Could we suppose performance as a privileged artistic practice in order to study the potentialities of interaction between performer and audience?

On the occasion of ARTICULATE, we [the Italo-Sudakas Assandri and Lamenza] propose they [>we and Researcher (>1)] to perform a TACTIC in progress ‘What is reading? What is performing? : Phase 1’. Experimenting with the hybridization of practice and theory, the event will be a try out of the material elaborated during the first two months of their research that consists of intertwining the reading of ‘Bodies that matter’ written by Judith Butler with our body. The relocation of Butler’s theory about performativity is they’s tool to investigate the relationship between audience and performer.

(Image: Renata Lamenza, Stefania Assandri and Erica Heathcote (>1))


>> This event is part of the program of ARTICULATE | BAUHAUS 1 0 1.