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Antwerp Art Weekend at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
16→19 May 2024
→ opening: 16.5 → 12:00-21:00
→ on view: 17-19.5 → 12:00-18:00

Every year, the Antwerp Art Weekend is an ideal moment for the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp to reach out to the wider art community beyond its walls, exposing the combined forces of students, teachers, and researchers in various presentations.

THE RETURN OF THE IDEAL STUDIO ___ expo & ongoing performance by 20 Academy students
Students take over De Lange Zaal, the most prestigious exhibition space of the Royal Academy and transform this space into their personal studio.
Bas Verrept, Akhil Babu, Dalida Georgiou-Achmet, Helena Berg, Marijke van de Poel, Rúnar Örn Marinósson, Sam Beddegenoodts, Vincent Becher, Anna Sarkisova, Emma Burel, Emma van den Velde, Thomas Vermeiren, Moryana Filipova, Lin Yanzhu, Maya Stengards, Florian Waeyaert, Marthe Wauters, Anneleen Heirbaut, Kiona Henderyckx, Judith De Keyser

MIND THE GAP___exchange expo by the Student Council
From the initiative of the students from the Royal Academy and Sint Lucas we invite you to our exhibition MIND THE GAP taking place during Antwerp Art Weekend 2024. Works from students of both schools will be shown at both locations: the main campus of the Royal Academy (Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp) and Sint Lucas (Van Schoonbekestraat 143, 2018 Antwerp). This collaboration is creating a bridge between Antwerp’s art schools striving to close a gap in order to unite this city’s creative minds.

ACADEMY OPEN AIR x HAPJES___expo by the Student Council
HAPJES is back! This year it takes the form of a large format billboard, exhibiting the work of students in A0 posters at the Academy’s Garden.
HAPJES' purpose is to regularly exhibit student work; to both create exposure and to archive. The submissions are to be 'hapjes', small bites of student work. They come from the student body, but with a twist: the students submit each other's work.

PAPER BAG___expo in symbiosis with the garden by Eline De Clercq x In Situ students
Eline De Clercq and In Situ students kindly invite you to take a stroll around the Academy Garden. Many walk through it everyday without giving it so much as a second glance...
Take the time to experience that this is an ecological garden in the style of the English Landscape. The people are the visitors to a garden that is the home of many others. This particular mindset is the fertile ground in which the ideas and intentions have grown to create an exhibition in complete symbiosis with the garden.
Andrea Hernandez, Enya Duchateau, Emilia Schupp, Jonna Witte, Kasparas Brazovskis, Nelly Light, Pamela Garcia Valero, Rojan Günhan, Sophia Kuri

ANTWERP ART IN PUBLIC SPACES___expo & book launch by In Situ
During Antwerp Art Weekend, In Situ presents an exhibition and a publication at the Venushal of the Royal Academy with artistic research on the Antwerp Public Art Collection (Kunst in de Stad).
After studying the document archive and open-air storage of the public art collection at the Middelheim Museum and doing fieldwork in the urban context, a series of projects are being presented that examine the complex realities of public art.
The psychogeographical impact of sculptures in the city centre is mapped, we look at the intricacies of moving a 2500kg work of art and analyse the formal qualities of fountains. One project explores the tactility of bronze sculptures, another follows a community confronted with a monument at its doorstep and we imagine a dialogue between two public artworks come to life.

MARK RIETVELD expo & book launch
Stadscowboy vzw and HOPPER&FUCHS present a book of photographs compiled by Nico Dockx from the archive of photographer Mark Rietveld (1969-2022).
Mark was best known in Antwerp for his photography in which he reported on the underground music scene and art world. He focused his camera during concerts with as much attention on the stage as next to it.
There spoke from his work a deep love for the ragged edges of the art and music world, where everyone - artists, audience, bar staff and the toilet madam - is part of it. Certainly Mark was an inseparable part of it.
It was often silent in Mark's pictures, by the way, even if you had been there yourself and remembered razor-sharp a loud and wild night.