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Antwerp Art Weekend 2019

Celebrate the opening of this artistic weekend, right here at the Academy! For the fifth time art venues in and around Antwerp put their hands together to celebrate contemporary art. And the Royal Academy of Fine Arts hosts the opening of this edition of Antwerp Art Weekend with exhibitions, performances and book launches.

Opening night, Thursday 16 May:

18:00 doors 
19:00 official opening Antwerp Art Weekend 
19:00 - 23:30 exhibitions, performances, book launches, music, food and drinks

The Behaviour of the Clouds -> Wintertuin
A site-specific project by artist and guest lecturer Nicolas Lamas and In Situ³ students, that allows a series of objects and materials to temporarily take over the ceiling structure of our Wintertuin. The displayed pieces will take, as a metaphor, the fleeting condition of the clouds to emphasize the ephemeral nature of things and how they generate encounters, interrelate and exchange information at different levels before their imminent disappearance.
Exhibition open from 16- 24 May

TILL IT'S OVER -> Temple
A cross-disciplinary collaboration between SKaGeN and American artist Richard Jackson, concerning themes of civil war, tenderness and revenge.
Jackson has made an installation based on Picasso’s famous war painting Guernica. Every day at 20h in our Temple, actors Valentijn Dhaenens and Clara van den Broek create a theatrical performance based on the same theme. How do two people deal with the consequences of extreme violence, and what is the permanent impact when time has passed? Can violence bring us closer together? Does violence create intimacy?
For tickets check: www.skagen.be

Reclining Nudes -> De Lange Zaal 
For the second exhibition of the NICC in the Academy, the motif of the reclining nude will be critically investigated in a project for De Lange Zaal.
Exhibition open 3-25 May

Track Report: double book launch -> hall of De Lange Zaal
With Table of Contents, graphic designer Ines Cox created an installation for her newest publication SAVE. Photographer Charlotte Lybeer presents her book Linus' Blanket. Both Track Report publications will be for sale on the opening night of Antwerp Art Weekend.

AAW-bar -> student restaurant