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Cage: Concert for Piano and Orchestra

Online concert
conducted by Thomas R. Moore

John Cage’s openly modular piece 'Concert for Piano and Orchestra' is fascinating. There are no conventional rules or restrictions, but in Cage’s typical anarchistic style, suddenly everything on stage is on equal footing and holds just as equal significance. Everything: changing mutes, removing parts of the instruments, playing toys, (re)moving (tuning) slides, breathing, rests, silences, and of course conventional playing techniques such as crescendos and decrescendos, articulations, dynamics and note-lengths. All of it is fair game for musical (and performative) interpretation.

In this project the musicians must rethink their artistic practice and consider many more aspects of performance as holding artistic weight than they have hither to been confronted.

Alina Taraban, solo piano
Francisco Rojas Huertas, flute
Mar Sala Romagosa, flute
Santiago Lurueña Blázquez, clarinet
Andres Ruiz González, trumpet
Jenna Vergeynst, harp
Emma Zoons, guitar
Alejandro Tendor, guitar
Ana Sofia Rodrigues Sousa, viola
Irene Cervera Esteban, cello
Thomas R. Moore, conductor


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