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! CANCELED ! Choreographing potentialities of collectivity

It is with great regret that we have to conclude that with the rising infection rate and the more restricted covid-19 measures the continuation of ARTICULATE (part 1) at the Academy and ARTICULATE (part 2) at the Conservatoire cannot take place.


Lecture & live showcase

by Tuur Marinus

In this lecture, Tuur Marinus will give an insight into his research project ‘Choreographing Potentiality of Collectivity’. Expect a -not so academical- ex-catheder presentaion, alternated with some pre-recorded footage as well as with some live choreographical experiments. Together with a few of his collaborators/dancers, Tuur Marinus will present some new forms of thinking, dancing, and observing ‘collectivity’ in dance. Will also the audience become part of this ‘new collectivity’? The proof will be in the pudding!


>> This event is part of the ARTICULATE program