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ARTICULATE 2022 will be focussing on the interplay between contemporary technology and the arts. Artist (STUFF.), PhD. candidate (ARIA) and researcher (IDLab) Andrew Claes curated part of this year’s edition. Warm welcome to a selection of concerts, keynote presentations and lectures! Or meet the artists backstage on the beats of the closing algorave.

'First PLAY!'

Tuesday 18 October

First PLAY, then TALK. Today’s focus is all about what makes an artist: the work itself. The application of artistic research is often the fruit of the study. Whether they’re using the results of research themselves or making them available to others, the goal of artistic research is indeed a practical one.


‘The One moves, the Other doesn’t’
by Anton Lambert and fyllenia grigoriou

This project is a collaboration between dance artist fyllenia grigoriou and musician Anton Lambert, in which they let dance and music intertwine in an improvisational score. They investigate how the notions and psychology of language and memory can be moulded into a poetic narrative, by using language as a choreographic and compositional tool. The compository and improvisatory use of language is in turn echoed by the live electronics set-up which uses generative algorithms to improvise with the double bass.
- fyllenia grigoriou: concept, dance & choreography
- Anton Lambert: concept, double bass & live electronics


NSv_3 (nervous systems version 3)
demo of choreographic software with aftertalk
by REACh. & Collabs
. (Klaas Devos, Quentin Meurisse, Justine Debaene)
‘NSv_3’ is a dance software developed by REACh. & Collabs. to explore interactions between embodied and computational creativity in the flow of a dance improvisation. It generates feedback between danced sensations and audiovisual materials in order to disclose and make insightful the hermetic nature of somatic-based dance improvisation to dancers, co- performers, and spectators. The interdisciplinary dance research is since 2020 at the core of
Klaas Devos’ practice-based PhD in dance (at the Conservatoire and UAntwerp) titled ‘A Somatic REACh. (research in extended and algorithmic choreography)’.

18:00 - 19:00 Break

by Umut Eldem and Giusy Caruso

This lecture-performance will showcase techniques and applications of gestures on the piano in real-time audiovisual creation. Gestures and muscular tensions represent ways to produce intended sounds on an instrument. "In-tensions" uses the physicality of these gestures as generative material.


‘Live Oatflake Temptation’
by Paul Abbott

Paul Abbott will present a live solo performance for 'hybrid drum kit' - combining acoustic drums and synthetic sounds - to introduce his research. His project ‘We Grow Music!’ explores aspects of discrepancy and multiplicity as specific generative features of embodied music making, primarily in the context of live experimental improvised music. This follows the idea of music making as an ecology, in which simultaneously real (material, sonic) and imaginary (subjective, embodied) music is grown.


BOTBOP: Integers & Strings
by Andrew Claes(EWI, string algorithms), Dagobert Sondervan (live coding), Kasper Jordaens (score software, visuals), Herlinde Verjans (violin), Christophe Pochet (violin), Jasmien Van Hauthem (viola) and Romek Maniewski-Kelner (cello).

Continuing development of BOTBOP’s custom software and implementations using primarily open source software, now enables the creation of musical scores in real time. Starting from improvisation, MIDI data is gathered, processed and distributed on stage to a classical string quartet. Algorithmic strategies are combined with machine learning techniques to render a sensible musical output, to be played at first sight by the strings. The focus is on dynamic systems, optimized to react in real time rather than pre-generated and ‘offline’, giving this audio-visual performance a distinct edge, blurring lines between classical composition, electronic music and jazz.
- Integers & Strings premiered at Sònar festival during its ‘AI & Music S+T+ARTS’ 2022 festival in Barcelona in co-production with BOZAR Brussels.


'Then TALK!'
on Wednesday 19 October

After seeing all this talent in action, one might wonder what they just experienced, or why, or how…
Usually the more thought provoking, the better. Especially during ARTICULATE of course!
Wednesday is all about the research itself.
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(image, detail: Anton Lambert, 'The One Moves the Other Doesn't', photo by Domenico Litrico)

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