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Lecture-workshop 'Silver nor Gold' by Tim Theo Deceuninck

Silver nor Gold
Lecture-workshop by Tim Theo Deceuninck

Within the framework of the Hydromedia project and the 'Ecosystems' exhibition, artist Tim Theo Deceuninck will introduce you to the development of organic ink.

Since its invention, the development of photography has coincided with that of industrial growth and pollution. The camera was born in a world of dark smoke and fine dust. Like all products in this new techno-industrial regime, photography (still) relies on a large swath of unsustainable raw materials.

In the lecture-workshop Silver nor Gold we take a step back and look for more sustainable production methods for photography. In this specific workshop we will go and collect different natural materials (plants & weeds) which we will then use to make our own ink.

Tim Theo Deceuninck (*1992) is a photography based artist working in the field of landscape representation / regenerative ecologies / restorative histories. Through historical processes and narratives, the artist tries to gain a deeper insight in the historical use and memory of the landscape. As part of his process he elaborates lens elements, focal points, early measuring instruments and camera mechanics. Since the analogue photographic process is based on toxic resources, Tim Theo got interested in non-toxic, organic exposure and printing techniques. 

This workshop is part of ARTICULATE 2023 I ECOSYSTEMS.