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I don't know a lot about opera. Let's make one! 

Together with a cast who also knows very little about opera, we made Luftslott. Originally written by me, Klaas Mertens and composed by Côme Lenseigne. The music will guide you through a journey of ups and downs in the scary world of dating. And any off-key note will be intentional. The title Lufstlott is Swedish for air castle. And so we hope you come float with us. Desire is the fuel. Will we crash?


Een mastervoorstelling van Klaas Mertens.


Actors: Klaas Mertens
Julie Asenova
Timon Kouloumpis
Composer: Côme Lenseigne
Costumes: Amar Singh
Picture: Maxime Bertiaux
Poster: Shalini Van Broekhoven
Singer: Emànuel Papadopoulos
Coach: Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe