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one space becoming another

one space becoming another
Artist talk
by Ersi Varveri, Gijs Waterschoot

Ersi Varveri and Gijs Waterschoot (Pink House press) moved one year ago out of Antwerp to live and work in Syros, an island in Greece. They are conducting a research at the Academy titled ‘one space becoming another’ in which they are questioning the notions of mobile printing, self-sustainability, what spaces are needed for the future and how to build them. They just finished the first steps of building and renovating the roof of an old storage-building. Their space is located on a plot of land surrounded by fruit trees and herbs. 

During this artist talk, they will share and discuss with the participants their current building experience and how it shaped their artistic practice. They will prepare a soup with ingredients from the island and share some other flavors. They will also distribute their monthly newspaper ‘How to become…’, that they initiated to accompany this research process.