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Primal Access (an attempt to get ready)

A collaboration between Agostina D’Alessandro, Bachelor-2 dance students and drummer Pieter Vandergooten. This creation process has explored the physical intelligence bodies have in relation to one another. Activating this ancient knowledge through dance practice, the dancers are invited to instantly compose using Agostina’s Conscious Release method to awaken the playful skill of instinct.

Created and performed by:
Carla Andrades Palacios,
Emma Baele,
Mira Biermans,
Elia Chataigner,
Amber Cools,
Diogo Lopes,
Morgane Descheemaker,
Melis Ergüven,
Héctor Espuela Pablo,
Thorunn Gudmundsdottir,
Lea Jean,
Emmanuel Mpasi,
Alberto Spanò,
Mihály Varga,
Emile Wendt,
Vladlena Klimek,
Miranda Josephine Riviere

Choreography and direction: Agostina D’Alessandro
Live music: Pieter Vandergooten.
Technique: Michael Pellis & Tom Vloemans