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A research parkour in >1 steps

Online lecture-performance
by Researcher >1, Stefania Assandri and Renata Lamenza Epifanio

"Acknowledge your body in the space
Do you see other bodies?
Where are these bodies in space?"
Researcher >1


On the occasion of Articulate, They [(we = the Italo-sudakas Assandri and Lamenza) + Researcher (>1)] invite you to detrain together in "A research parkour in >1 steps". Performing TACTICS in progress that were developed during the first few months of their research project, the event experiments with the hybridization of practice and theory intertwining the reading of “Bodies that matter” written by Judith Butler with their body. It is practicing this detraining of a pár-kour-for-you that they initiate this dialogue. 

TACTICS for a COLLECTIVE BODY experiments with the nuances of combining the words collective (>1) to body (=1) to reinforce its flexibility. In the search for collectiveness, it invests in new possibilities of thinking about the relationship between the performer and the audience. The relocation of Butler’s theory about performativity is They’s tool to investigate this relationship. 


(Image: Renata Lamenza, Stefania Assandri and Erica Heathcote (>1))


>> This lecture-performance was originally part of the cancelled ARTICULATE 2020 programme and will now take place in a slightly adapted, online form.