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The Road Endless

The Road Endless
by Umut Eldem

‘The Road Endless’ is a collection of three audiovisual pieces written for the harpsichord and live electronics. All the pieces use audio visualisation techniques developed by composer Umut Eldem as a part of his doctoral research into synaesthesia. 

The starting point of the visual design is the synaesthetic experience of the performer, whose associations between colors and notes turn into synaesthetic visions on the screen. 

The first piece, ‘As Above’, references the old Visual Music aesthetics of the 1930s. ‘The Hit’ is a dialogue between the computer generated sounds and the harpsichord. The final piece, ‘B of B’, is composed for the ‘Music for the Bees’ project and puts colourful bees on the screen dancing to the music. All the pieces tell an abstract story between the harpsichord, the visuals, and the audience.

Performer: Liselotte Sels