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Soup Session: Andrea Cammarosano

Soup Session by Andrea Cammarosano
invited by research group Body and Material Reinvented

28 February, 12:30-14:00
at the Research Room, Academy

"Creativity in fashion implies continuous exchanges across domains, people, and teams; exchanges which involve different forms of creative languages.

My research focuses on three kinds of creative languages - artistic, technical, and interpersonal - , analyzing the interplay between these languages in the context of fashion design and of fashion education, and exploring how this interplay can be enhanced and stimulated in the pursuit of optimal creative and educational practices.  

I will give an insight into my research methodology, and into different activities which I carried out to explore this subject; activities which involved collaborations between different people - teachers, students, professionals - and within different environments - higher and secondary education, informal education, but also textile factories and laboratories.

I will show a selection of my findings and observations from these different activities; observations which deal in particular with the role of technical languages, of environments, and of organizational models. I will show how I have organized my findings and observations into an (educational) model, which I call Inter-Relational Creativity.

Finally, I will share my hopes and ideas for the application of my research: through Inter-Relational Creativity, I will argue, we can encourage practices of collaboration, co-creation, and participation; we can stimulate inter-disciplinary practices; we can broaden access to creative education and in general to creative expression."

(Andrea Cammarosano on his Soup Session on 28 February 2023)

Andrea Cammarosano
Andrea Cammarosano (1985) is an Italian-born designer, artist and educator. A graduate of the Fashion Department / Antwerp Royal Academy, Cammarosano worked as assistant menswear designer for Walter Van Beirendonck (2008-2010), for his own eponymous label (2010-2016), and for different other brands in the fashion industry.
Alongside his design work, Cammarosano realised several artist collaborations, such as with Narcisse Tordoir and Ronald Stoops.
In 2018, Cammarosano founded CLU++ER, a project for the exploration of creative methods rooted in performance, improvisation and collaboration (2018-present). 
At the Academy, Cammarosano is working on a PhD research called Relational Creativity. The workshop as a space to build technical, social and creative relations.