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*PPP stands for:
1. Plato: Dinner at 18hrs by Ines Ballesteros and Michela Dal Brollo.
2. Performance: Installation-performance at 20hrs created by Renata Lamenza and Stefania Assandri, with the collaboration of Amôra Pera for the soundscape, the advise and collaboration of Joonas Lahtinen; and the scenographic bodies by Luiza Crosman; with the special participation of Agnese Forlani, Jackson Shallcross-Platt, Jurgen Fonteijn, Lara Ferrari -tummma- and Researcher (>1).
3. Party: Party-performance at 21hrs ESTADO de F(i)ESTA with DJ to be announced soon!
PPP can also stand for Public! Performer! Participation!

TACTICS for a COLLECTIVE BODY is a research project dedicated to investigating, developing and experimenting tactics to create collective bodies through participatory performance. After 2 years of research, SUDAKAS artist-researchers Stefania Assandri (Uruguay) and Renata Lamenza Epifanio (Rio de Janeiro) will stage the TACTICS developed and share them with YOU. YOU are invited to be Public, to be Performer, to be Party, to be Plate, to be “Water my friend” (Bruce Lee, atemporal). 

The evening will start with a TACTICS warm-up, a gathering at the Kitchen of Het Bos at 18hrs with dinner prepared by researchers Ines Ballesteros and Michela Dal Brollo. 
At 20hrs we invite you to enter our Installation-performance at the Concert Hall with Parkour routes that the Performers will guide.
At 21hrs the Party-performance takes over the stage, the floor, and it will have its Gran finale at the bar!

We invite you to immerse yourself in a water-like soundscape, to watch the performance-horizon from the sand and/or to walk, sing and dance with us in this latin-sudaka flavored evening.

For the Installation-performance, taking into account that in a Collective body (>1) there are several individual bodies (>1), we have developed 4 different Parkour routes with different levels of participation for the Public to visit, experiment or watch the Installation-performance.
The routes are divided by level of participation and engagement in the performance:

  • (A) No participation at ALL. Public is sitting.
  • (B) Tiny bitsy bit of participation. Public and Performer are walking.
  • (C) Medium participation. Public and/or Performer are navigating.
  • (D) intense participation. I am part of the performance. Public, Performer, who am I?

For any of these 4 guided Parkour routes there is limited space;
booking your tickets is mandatory (and free)!

Please reserve ASAP through this link to guarantee your place and make sure that you arrive before 19.30h to to choose the Parkour route you would like to follow.

To keep this presentation sustainable and to make a free entrance performance, dinner and drinks will be the financial source to sustain the event. So come early and stay until late <3

This evening is only possible with the support of:
The research program of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and Het Bos.

With Special thanks to:
supervisor: Nico Dockx/ co-supervisor: Katleen Van Langendonck/ research groups: Body and Material Reinvented, Royal Academy of Fine Arts– chairwoman: Ria De Boodt, and Roel Arkesteijn, and Creation, Royal Conservatory Antwerp– chairwoman: Ine Vanoeveren/ advisory committee: Giuliana Ciancio– UA, Joonas Lahtinen– Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and University of Helsinki, Kathleen Coessens– KCB and RCA, and Myriam Van Gucht– RAFA/ graphic designer website: Erica Heathcote/ Scenographic bodies: Luiza Crosman / Soundscapes: Amora Pêra / Workshop Labo AAAA : Carly Heathcote, Jana De Kockere, Daniel Granados, Elie Fonfrede, Jackson Shallcross-Platt , Amora Pêra and Luiza Crosman/ Collaborative Interviews: Adrijana Gvozdenović and Joonas Lahtinen/ Inhabiting collectiveness: The Land of The Confused and Komplot Brussels/ Communication RAFA and RCA: Lotte de Voegth/ Photos: Wannes Cré. Inspired by: Judith Butler, Claire Bishop, Suely Rolnik, Carolina Guerra, Bruce Lee, and many more.