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Concert-performance with music by Mathias Coppens
performed by deCompagnie, students Classical Music and Live Electronics

Mathias Coppens' research project, 'Hybrid Score' centers on two primary areas of focus: the synchronization of acoustic and electronic sounds in dance performances and enhancing communication between composers and choreographers through the use of mock-ups.
He witnessed elements of his research come together during the creation of 'If,' the final performance for Bachelor 3 Dance.
His composition revolves around a single motif that evolves and transitions from exuberant virtuosity to heartfelt lyricism, ultimately culminating in an electrifying climax. Crucial to this composition is the dialogue between acoustic instruments and live electronics. The electronic samples are derived from recordings of the acoustic instruments, meticulously processed to establish a distinct musical identity that harmoniously melds with the acoustic sounds.

Part of ARTICULATE 2023