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Agostina D'Alessandro De Olano

Agostina D’Alessandro (ARG/ITA) is a contemporary dancer, improvisor, teacher and choreographer. In Europe she has worked with Julyen Hamilton Company- Allen’s Line (http://www.allensline.com/) performing the pieces “LOCAL TALK” (Paris/Bruxelles & Strasbourg-IMPREVU Festival, “LE VOYAGE” (Paris & Bruxelles) & “THE ARRIVAL” (Bruxelles); 2005-2011 she works with T.R.A.S.H Company (Holland) in the following productions: PORK-IN-LOOP & ZOFIA performing in Hollande, Belgium, Spain & France; she participate in severals projects as : Les Ballet du Grand Maghreb, By Ana Stegnar & Saïd Gharbi, SUPERAMAS; Koshro Adibi IPL (International Performers Laboratory) and studie with severals companys: Ultima Vez, Isabella Soupart, Trubleyn Jan Fabre (Franz Marijnen), David Zambrano, Julyen Hamilton amongst others. For her first dance piece "S-Main Gaushe" (2004), she has obtained the support of the “Mairie de Paris” and toured it to various dance festivals. In 2012 she created DEMIURGO (http://vimeo.com/45212554) a dance performance improvisation piece who has premier in Buenos Aires at LEM & in PUENTES Festival at Bruxelles. As coreographer she also works in “La Loterie Erotique de Demoiselles” by Brigitte Baillaux and “Un cadavre dans l’oeil” by Guy Theunissen – 2014/2015 Since 2011 she teaches Improvisation & Composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerpen. In 2013-2015 she made performances as : RELOAD IN MOTION & ZÔGRAPHOS (2013), Suggested Emotions & VIRTUS (2014) and SYNCHRONICITY & Evoked Potential (2015). She is also a founding member of SoloConversations Dance Collective (www.soloconversations.org). She has taught workshops of release technique and improvisation for performance in Belgium, Mexico, Holland, Argentina, Croatia and Spain.

Opleidingsonderdelen: Improvisatie en compositie