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Koenraad Claes

Koenraad Claes has a multifaceted, fragmented practice of intuitively collecting, archiving and manipulating.
Objects, images, observations, sketches and (found) footage are hoarded and form an open-ended archive. This archive forms the basis for a range outcomes ranging from magazines to video installations with focus on that which takes place in the margins. A practice like doodling during a conversation. Claes’ work is conceived in an extemporary, organic fashion.

Currently involved in the duo-collective NTRMRZ (intermerz). Within these collaborations the dialogue is given a leading role. This gives rise to works that interrogate the fading boundaries of personal practice and artistic identity. Intermerz regulary publishes magazines, visual essays and videos.

Koenraad Claes is a professor of the printmaking department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and at ENSAV La Cambre Brussels.