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Temporary Sonic Architecture

Over the next two years, I will build on my theoretical-practical research on the relationship between space and sound as I investigate the creative potential of cutting-edge technology in architectural design, virtual environments, and 3D sound in search of unexplored possibilities. My work intends to contribute to the discussion on the concept of material and materiality by focusing on the transition from matter as an expressive possibility to matter as an agent that enables experience. In fact, it appears that the relationship between sound and space is being undervalued in the current discussion, both in terms of morphological-formal organization and spatial morphogenesis. Instead, having access to virtual space creates a realm where one might encounter the different potential entanglements in all of their unique and varied manifestations. From a compositional perspective, it involves directly integrating sound into the space-time dimension in order to create beyond the articulation of spatial information in the projection space.