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DELETE ELITE – Poetical Tendencies In Graffiti Art

This publication is in English.

“Some people think that [graffiti] is just that ‘ghetto garbage’. But [graffiti] ain’t no ghetto garbage. It’s better because it’s more than just one basic art, like poetry–it’s all in one. It’s self-poetry, faithful art, it’s a person’s feeling for art, all combined into one.”

DELITE ELITE. Poetical Tendencies in Graffiti Art, by artist and author Ben Brohanszky. Brohanszky shows conceptual graffiti in Antwerp and its surroundings and adds documentation and interviews to his visual account. That way, he gives the works an art historical and theoretical context. His research is the first thorough investigation of conceptual graffiti.

Softcover with flaps.

This publication is a Track Report.

The book is sold out.