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About the voice

About the voice
Round table with audience 
by Katrien Van Opstal 

How do you work with voice? Which techniques, which methods, which attitude? How do you communicate with your teacher or students about the voice? How conscious are you about the anatomy of your voice and your vocal behavior? How do you choose the color of your voice? How to work with different styles? Is it specific? Is it coincidence? Is it clear? 

The aim of this round table conversation is to clarify the world of the voice pedagogy with all its different methods, images, and names. Students of different departments are invited to share and to work towards a common language and to find out that all about the voice is more simple than one might think…

Katrien Van Opstal is researcher at the Conservatoire. Her specialty is the anatomy of the voice in general and vocal behavior in different jazz styles. In her project ‘Clarifying vocal jazz’ she is building bridges between different vocal methods and styles. We all have the same instrument.


(drawing by Flore Deman)