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Research class: The Garden

The Garden
Research class by Eline De Clercq

What can we do to make a connection between art & ecology in the light of climate change and habitat precarity? And how can an old garden help us to understand nature and learn from ecology? 'The Garden' is a class on how ecology works and what humans can do to restore it, in return we learn how natural systems work and how we can think together with them. Supported by the books of contemporary thinkers Donna Haraway, Anna Tsing and Jamaica Kincaid we create a new path in an old garden. This class works by collective reading and gardening as an inspirational practice to (re)connect with nature and extend our artistic perception to a wider ecology. Everyone can take part in these classes, from beginners to experienced gardeners.

Eline De Clercq
Eline De Clercq started in 2019 the Gesamthof, A Lesbian garden, a multispecies art-nature project in the shape of a garden. Her practice encompasses painting, drawing, writing, filming, gardening and creating spaces for a multitude in artistic practices. In 2018 Eline founded Wool Publishing, a platform for artist run projects, exhibitions and publications. Eline De Clercq is researcher at the Royal Academy.

>> This research class is part of the Research Week during the annual research festival ARTICULATE.