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Research class: Patterns - Ecosystems in contamination

Patterns - Ecosystems in contamination
Research class by Andrea Cammarosano

Graphics and patternmaking are two distinct artistic ecosystems, endowed of different languages and logics, but also sharing a common thread.  While graphics typically refers to 2D designs used in digital or print media, patternmaking is concerned with creating 3D shapes and structures that can be worn or used in interior design. However, both disciplines rely on similar principles of geometry, composition, and color theory to create their designs.

Understanding the intersections between these artistic ecosystems can lead to innovative and exciting creations that push the boundaries of both fields. It can also help students, creatives and professionals from the two ecosystems to better collaborate with each other. The aim of this masterclass is to push students from different disciplines – fashion and costume, jewellery, and graphic design; but also painting, sculpting and photography - to explore interdisciplinary collaboration through an analogy between collaboration and composition. This analogy will be used to lead students to develop interdisciplinary methodologies, by breaking down roles and processes into units or elements, and the re-compose these elements into creative patterns.

The masterclass will be introduced by a lecture / conversation between the host researcher Andrea Cammarosano (designer) and Narcisse Tordoir (painter). They will speak of their individual practices within their ecosystem, and of their ventures and collaborations into other ecosystems.  Together with the participants, they will discuss elements of each disciplines under the lens of tools, processes and languages used in common practice, as well as the possibilities of interdisciplinary contaminations, and suggest patterns of exchange and collaboration.

The participants will then proceed to a practical activity. In this activity, they will work in groups, exploring 2D compositions and 3D constructions making use of geometries, colors, and different materials such as paper and fabric. This activity is aimed at stimulating the participants’ curiosity, ingenuity and experimentation but also at providing specific technical knowledge, in the fields of patternmaking, graphic composition, 3D construction and material design.

Andrea Cammarosano
Andrea Cammarosano (1985) is an Italian-born designer, artist and educator. A graduate of the Fashion Department / Antwerp Royal Academy, Cammarosano worked as assistant menswear designer for Walter Van Beirendonck (2008-2010), for his own eponymous label (2010-2016), and for different other brands in the fashion industry. Alongside his design work, Cammarosano realised several artist collaborations. In 2018, Cammarosano founded CLU++ER, a project for the exploration of creative methods rooted in performance, improvisation and collaboration (2018-present).

>> This research class is part of the Research Week during the annual research festival ARTICULATE.