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'Singer Featherweight', by LEAP/DETACH

The album 'Singer Featherweight' is the result of the two-year research project 'Artificial Extensions of Acoustics' at the Conservatoire. The trio of guitar, piano and drums wanted to explore the richness of their personal instruments in terms of timbre, time and form, regardless of any means and in interaction with one another.

The ensemble Leap/ Detach (by Vitja Pauwels, Hendrik Lasure & Casper Van De Velde) became the playground for this research project which they literally considered as a ‘leap in the dark’ with their custom-made, electronic instruments and preparations, and where newly made sounds arose ‘detached’ from their origins. They like to think of it as an act of painting together on a large canvas, sharing colours or stating opposite ideas. The music is a direct outcome of the tools that they created and learned to control in relation to each other throughout this collaboration. Acoustic and electronic elements blend together in symbiosis, sometimes in abstract contexts, sometimes in more lyrical ways. For some tracks they worked with specific guidelines or limitations while for other tracks they used a totally free approach.